That's how we build

cutting machine


max cutting thickness


cutting size

Standard included

  • Steel working plane
  • Blade holder carriage sliding on a square bar
  • Rotary blade in hardened steel
  • Metallic parts varnished with epoxydic powder


  • Tubular support with adjustable feet and collecting fabric basket (only for mod 130 - 150)


  • Paper
  • Acrylic film
  • Hot sealing film
  • Photo-film
  • Photo-paper

Desk Trim Plus is equipped with a cutting blade mounted on a square bar. The work surface in sheet steel epoxy powder coated steel is resistant to cuts and scratches, guide the operator in positioning and cutting of various formats. The cutting thickness up to 0.6 mm allows you to easily trim cardstock-weight, lightweight plastics, PVC banners and many other printed materials or otherwise.