Our new way to cut.


max cutting thickness


cutting size

Standard included

  • Cutting size 110-165- 210-310cm. Others on request
  • Ergonomic double carriage with the possibility of adjusting the blade depth
  • 15mm max cutting thickness with very high precision (max possible tolerance 0.2mm/meter)
  • Anti-slip rubber on the bottom of the bar along the cutting length
  • Round bar for easier handling
  • Cutting media: up to 15mm: foam board, cardboard, forex, vinyl and banner
  • Strong and practical for storage; user friendly with an optional pair of suction cups that allow a good fixing to the table
  • Double cutting head with interchangeable blade
  • Two different blades: the 1 st is a standard double blade perfect to trim rigid materials like Foam and Forex; the 2 nd is a double edged hooked blade perfect to cut banners
  • Fixing table kit with media cutting guide


  • Table
  • Fixing table kit
  • Fixing Suction cup per rigid media
  • Hooked blade for banners


  • Banner
  • Carton
  • Cardboard
  • Forex
  • Foam board PVC
  • Light panels
  • Paper
  • Polionda
  • Prints