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cutting machine


max cutting thickness


cutting size

Standard included

  • Steel working plane with sheet holder made of transparent plastic for easy reference
  • The working plane is painted with an epoxydic powder
  • Provided with LED lamp inside cutting area
  • Fixed blade in painted stainless steel, mounted on a reinforced cutting plane
  • Adjustable speed
  • Foot pedal starter
  • The cutter is supplied with a containment bracket for the correct positioning of the material for cutting
  • Robust cutting head with double rotating blade
  • Laser ray guide for cutting reference
  • Media Fixing bar


  • Art board
  • Banner
  • Board
  • Cibachrome
  • Acrylic
  • Hard carton
  • Hot sealing film
  • Jute
  • Leather
  • Lithoplate
  • Magnetic vinyl
  • Carton
  • Paper
  • Photo-film
  • Photo-paper
  • Printing plate
  • Polystyrene
  • Rubber
  • Sheet
  • Vinyl


  • Roll holder

Electro Strong Trim has a robust cutting head with double rotating blade made of hardened steel and fixed blade in painted stainless steel mounted on a reinforced cutting table. It’s designed to cut substrates up to 4,5 mm thanks to its carriage with variable speed and bidirectional operations. The work surface is illuminated to facilitate the operator’s work. Metal parts epoxy coated guarantee maximum resistance to cuts and scrapes. The standard version includes the stand for ground positioning, the container for waste collection, movable reference guides, lamp over the cutting area, fluorescent wire to show the cutting line and sheet holder.

Roll holder

The manufacturers reserves the right to change technical and aesthetical specifications without notice.
Datasheet 165 210 260 320
Max cutting thickness 4,5 mm 4,5 mm 4,5 mm 4,5 mm
Cutting length 165 cm 210 cm 260 cm 320 cm
Length 224 cm 274 cm 324 cm 384 cm
Width 50 cm 50 cm 50 cm 50 cm
Height with stand 102 cm 102 cm 102 cm 102 cm
Height working table 87 cm 87 cm 87 cm 87 cm
Weight 59 kg 72 kg 85 kg 97 kg
Weight of the support 32,5 kg 36,5 kg 39 kg 42,5 kg
Carriage speed 0,45 m/sec - 1,48 ft/sec
Power supply 230V/50Hz-110V/60Hz