Our History

1941 - 2023

1941 Neolt foundation
1950 New products
1960 New products
1970 Laminators
1980 Vertical cutters
1990 Folding machines
2000 Printing systems
2015 Reorganization process
2021 80 years of Neolt


Neolt was founded by Ettore Pontiggia in Bergamo in 1941, the production was focused in the first 8 years on sliding rules, after that we releases new products such as drawing tables and drafting machines and the company became a world leader in the production of them.


During the 50s the demand for drawing tables exceeded production,the company was relocated and a new headquarters was built and a lot of funds were allocated for research and development of new drawing tables and products.


During the 60s the product range was expanded by introducing stencil printers for architects, heliographic machines and office furniture. Neolt became worldwide famous for the quality and beauty of its products which embodied the great change taking place in the world in those years. So it began to export his products to over 70 countries, the demand exceeded production again and two new production plants were built.


In the 70s neolt invests again developing the first rotary blade trim, the first laminators, introduces new office furniture and new versions of drawing tables. In those years neolt was recognized as the only leader in the world market for drawing tables.


In the 80s new colors were introduced in the product line, many table furnishings were launched, manual trims were updated with new product and more functional models, and electric trims were added. The need for space forced the company to build another plant with large windows in the offices and huge space for production.


In the 90s neolt presents its first folder, updates the trim line again introducing the vertical foam trim, and at the end of the decade the production of office furniture is reduced, therefore a direct project is born in the search for a technological sector that can bring the company into the twenty-first century.


In the first decade of the twenty-first century. Our R&D p officially started with huge investments in the ink jet and finishing sectors. Neolt presents the NeoltJET printer followed by the asterjet, launches the neoweld welder and the first XY Matic. The decade ends with difficulties due to the global economic crisis and with the launch of the shield projects and the xJET printer with Xaar 1001 heads.


In the first part of this decade neolt launches the Shield and renews the foam trim range by creating the sword, in 2015 Neolt separates itself from its direct section in the printing sector and becomes Neolt Factory, a new building rise due to the need of a new technological headquarter, the decade ends with the presentation of the Xy Matic Trim Plus which beat the competition.


Neolt Factory celebrates 80 years of activity, and looks to the future and continues to invest in research and development in the finishing sector.