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folding machine


machine weight


paper width

Main features

  • The folding pitch is equal to 190 or 210 mm with adjustable margins using the keyboard
  • The cross fold is selectable between 297 and 305 mm
  • The paper output is selectable between front and rear
  • Digital keyboard for size selection
  • 35 meters/min speed
  • A0 size in 5 seconds
  • Suitable for paper from 80 to 120 gsm
  • Insert guide reference
  • Suitable for Blueback paper 115/120Gsm
  • Safety stop

NeoFold HS Series does not require additional accessories to the already comprehensive standard equipment.
The manufacturers reserves the right to change technical and aesthetical specifications without notice.
Datasheet 920 1250
Paper width 920 mm 1250 mm
Types of paper common, sensitized, plotter, blueback
Grams 80÷ 110g/m2
Folding methods normal, aligned, compensated with or without a 20-25-30mm edge, DIN rules and Cross Fold max A0
Power supply 230 V - 50/60 Hz / 110 V - 50/60 Hz
Folding speed A0 format in 5 sec
Consumption Max 3a
Dimensions L1320xP1000xH1040 mm L1630xP1000xH1040 mm
Machine weight 130 Kg 155 Kg