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folding machine

Max. AO

max crossfold


folding width

Main features

  • Copies collecting stand
  • Paper entry table extension (optional)
  • Equipped with a 7’’ touch screen display
  • Rear opening systems: easy access to the machine for internal cleaning and maintenance
  • Double folding start: automatic paper detection sensor and foot pedal

Designed to meet with the refinishing needs of service centers and offices with any type of production volume. The extraordinary noiselessness and compactness, combined with the made in Italy structural solidity, pleasant design and availability in the most popular paper sizes, make the NeoFold PL the perfect complement to any toner or inkjet printer for CAD and cartography. The touch screen display for easy, versatile and intuitive use. It has a power consumption of 50W only and is so silent it can be installed also in offices and technical studios.
The manufacturers reserves the right to change technical and aesthetical specifications without notice.
Datasheet 920 1100
Folding width 920 mm 1100 mm
Max crossfold Max. AO
Max sheet length Endless with modules of 2,5 mt
Grams from 60 to 110 grams
Max speed 20 mt/min
Power supply 230 V – 50/60 Hz 110V – 50/60 Hz
Consumption 50 W
Dimensions 116x100xh31 134x100xh31
Machine weight 48,5 Kg 58 Kg
Stand weight 11,5 kg 14 kg
Decibel 65 dB