Neoweld 130/165/260

Welding of PVC banners made easy, compact and cheap  

What is

NeoWeld is the series of pulse welding machines designed to meet the production needs of sign-makers and professionals in the digital printing, indoor/outdoor advertising and POS communication. The welding pulse technology choosed for NeoWeld stands as a substantial alternative to the high-frequency, ultrasonic and hot air technologies, offering a number of indisputable advantages from the technical, operational, economical and dimensional point of view.

Thanks to Neoweld is possible to weld seamlessly in a very short time, with very low operating and maintenance costs, reduced energy consumption and ease of use even for inexperienced operators. The interposition of a PVC tape between the edges to be welded broadens the application to polyester fabrics for soft-signage applications.

Main Features

The NeoWeld series is equipped with a welding element coated with a coated Teflon element 1300 mm long (model 130), 1650 mm (model 165) or 2600 mm (model 260) featuring a range of temperatures from 70 to 250 °C and a working pressure of 220 Kg/cm.

The operating cycle, both for the welding and cooling, is adjustable by the operator up to 5 minutes. The rugged NeoWeld body is fully welded and epoxy powder painted. Thanks to the control panel you can set, save and recall up to 20 welding programs, significantly reducing setup times and job change.

Options and Accessories

Among the options available are the side extensions to broaden the backing area (1 meter on each side), dual laser tracker, the FAP kit for the automatic creation of the pocket and the Silent Air Compressor (9 liters, 8 bar / 116psi).




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Neoweld 130/165/260

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