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XY Trim Plus Jumbo

That's how we build cutting machine for wallpapers  

XY Plus Jumbo Wallpaper, is the revolution of industrial wallpaper cutting. The latest invention from the Neolt Factory will allow you to cut jumbo rolls with weights up to 400kg and 500mm in diameter, at a maximum speed of 18 linear meters per minute. The machine is also equiped the innovative system for reading the vertical marks through two sensors, XY jumbo roll wallpaper will be able to move the rolls by + 7 / -7 cm to the right or left. Thanks to this features the results will be a perfect and always alligned vertical cut of your wallpaper. Xy plus Jumbo Wallpaper will also be equipped with smart touch screen interface 2.0 software

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XY Trim Plus Jumbo

Product brochure can be downloaded in PDF format