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cutting machine


max cutting thickness X axis


max cutting thickness Y axis


max operating width

Main features

  • Equipped with multiple cutting units for simultaneous cutting on all four sides
  • A mobile optical sensor reads the most diverse cutting marks for the accurate cutting
  • Manual alignment of the prints to be cut in the longitudinal direction, while the vertical cutting units are set manually
  • Speed 500 linear meter/hr
  • Available for most varied materials, including photo papers, vinyl, paper for inkjet printing, polyester or polycarbonate films up to a thickness of 0.5 mm
  • Easy loading of the reels
  • Electronic controls with visual displays allow the operator to easily check any errors or malfunctions
  • Vertical self-sharpening Blade
  • Horizontal self-sharpening Blade


  • Laser
  • Single vertical blade
  • Double vertical balde
  • Online kit (this optional allow to put the machine online with almost all the printer)
Datasheet Generals
Max. operating width 1650 mm
Dimensions 165 > 2160x800x1110 mm; 165 Kit on line > 1650x1940x350 mm
Weight 165 > 95 kg; 165 Kit on line > 36 kg
Consumption 0,5 A
Datasheet Horizontal cut Vertical cut
Max thickness 1 mm 0.5 mm
Speed 40 m/min (131,24 ft/min.) 12,5 m/min (41,01 ft/min.)
Tolerance ± 1mm. to the mt /
The manufacturers reserves the right to change technical and aesthetical specifications without notice.
Datasheet Reel
Max. diameter of roll Ø 300 mm
Max. width of roll 1650 mm
Max. weight of roll 60 kg